Epoxy Flooring Rental Home – Bryan Ohio

by Andy Franklin on March 15, 2014

This week, we used our epoxy flooring application to resurface the floor in a small rental home in Bryan Ohio. A combination of equal amounts of 1/4″ Navy Blue, Gray and White color chips were used and were broadcast into our industrial epoxy base coat.

After scraping and cleaning up loose chips the following day, we topped the surface with our 100% solids clear epoxy.

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Decorative Concrete – Marketing Your Business

by Andy Franklin on December 29, 2013

Modern Builder's Supply - Defiance, Ohio

2013 was a crazy year for me. From following-up with potential customers for my installation company to working with and answering questions from contractors from around the country . . . the year has moved by quickly.

Most of my time outside of personally installing projects has been promoting other contractors and teaching them to do what I have been doing for years (online marketing to local customers).  It’s rewarding to see a contractor become successful by helping them promote their business online but before that can happen, they need to realize what they have been doing wrong and be willing to follow suggestions.

Here are a  few common mistakes that most contractors are making:

Not documenting their projects well

On every job that you do, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to snap pictures and take some video of your project (you’re only hurting your business by not doing so).  Considering that most people in today’s day and age are using the internet to search for the services that you’re offering, you’d be a fool to not take advantage of it. By not utilizing the power that pictures & video have online, you are only hurting your business by not doing so.

Only having a “Bare Bones” Website

Yeah, most contractors realize that they should have a website (and most do), but the majority of them that I take a look at are nothing more than an online brochure.    No one is finding their site through internet searches . . . only the people that happened stumble across their web address (from a business card or brochure) are able to locate their web site.  The typical web site of  3-4 pages will bring in squat for traffic (especially considering that most small business web pages are poorly formatted with little text / keywords).

Not Spending The Time To Learn What Works

Bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales to your business each year is not just going to magically happen – unless you set aside the time it takes to learn the marketing methods that are proven.

Not “Sowing The Seed”

All the training & practice (sample boards) in the world does you no good if you don’t advertise what you’re selling.  My preferred method of course is online marketing (which is selling for you 24-7) but not having any “game plan” or method of advertising is definitely not going to work.

Not Spending The Time To Promote Online

If the majority of your advertising is going to be online marketing (which I think is the most effective), you’ll have to spend the time it takes to be successful at it.  A little each day . . or week is enough to keep the ball rolling once you set a few things up.

Not modeling your business after those who are already successful

Guys that are “killing it” in the business have been through many problems in the past & have suffered through and learned from it.  They know what is working and more importantly what isn’t.

Let me know if you need help in your decorative concrete business, I’ll be glad to help.  I’m the administrator for DecorativeConcreteKingdom.com & would love to teach you effective and proven marketing techniques on the social network there.  Click here to go there and join the social network.











Sunroom Epoxy Flooring Fort Wayne – Toledo

April 20, 2013

One of our past customers contacted us and wanted a similar epoxy coating in their sunroom & back porch area to the epoxy finish we gave them in their garage.  The only difference here is that they wanted an unique color chip blend to go along with their beach room theme (the sunroom was right […]

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